Garmin VIRB XE: A Spectacular Review

In the cameras market, Garmin has created a wave of actions by its latest action camera with two variant as VIRB X and the VIRB XE. These two cameras are different from the first VIRB.

GoPro reveals that Garmin will take the top slot. Why this credit? It is all because of the sensors, along with the video VIRB XE is offering all the metric right on the screen.

Reb Bull Air Race planes already got Garmin’s VIRB XE cameras in its cockpits. We are looking forward to see and decide how the quality of camera and data recording is.


There is difference between VIRB XE and VIRB.

  • VIRB XE is lighter and smaller, with the protective housing around the camera which is non-removable. Though battery and microSD card can be removed.
  • The weight of VIRB XE is so light that you can mount it on a helmet without experiencing any neck ache, along with that it is solid enough to survive up to 50m underwater.
  • Charging and transferring data is east to do all times as the camera have clip-on connector at the side.
  • There is physical switch which is a win for convenience to activate the camera.

Performance in the extreme

The camera has the admirable performance. It has impressive rate at which the camera adapts the change in light. It takes shots at 1080p and 60 frames per second. It also absorbs all the vibrations and shakings because of the electronic image stabilization.

The lens in the camera is wide angles lens.

Pair Smart

Connectivity is the Garmin offers with all the ANT+, WiFi and Bluetooth on all devices. The VIRB XE can connect to the otger Garmin devices, even in car-systems.

It can also connect to your smartphone, and then you can use it for remote control. Along with these, it can also be connected to your smart watch. You can also directly stream online for others to watch via your phone with the Garmin.


In the market where GoPro has already perfected itself, Garmin has to deal with some tough challenges. The VIRB XE is offering something new with smart sharing and data delivering options with good software.

If you are looking for 4k video, then GoPro is the choice, but if you are looking for the focused rate, then VIRB XE offer 1080p at 60 frames per second.

You can make smart videos with Garmin as it offers smart data recording. Garmin VIRB XEis expected to be available in June and it will cost about £320, while the VIRB X will cost you about £280 with 720p at 60 frames per second.


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