Prerelease Review- Android Nougat Features and all its Parameters

Here’s news for all Android lovers : Google has the new gift for you all in the name of Android Nougat or Android N. This Android N or Android 7 will be a trend changer as there are promises of new features and several changes in the user interface.

As the release date for Android Nought is fast approaching, we can dive into the features of it into our latest section of review on the Android Nougat review.

Release Date

First thing comes first, as most of you are already thinking on ”What is the release date for this latest version of Android?”. The incoming reports suggest that the release date of this most eagerly waiting version of Android is not that too far and will be launched in the next couples of months with the updates to be carried out till Christmas and New Year.

Hands on Experience on Android N

Google has been providing us with the developer version of this latest version of Android to be launched and thus it’s perhaps the best time to get the beta version of Android Nought run on your device. Try your hands on with the new version and an OTA Version will be rolling out for you very soon.

How to get Android N?

You can get the newer version of this Version with Android Beta Program and several Sony Xperia Models, thus allowing the testing of the version of Android Nought and several future versions of Android. All you need is to sign into your Google Account, which will display your eligible devices associated with the account as listed and need to choose the relevant device. Afterwards, an offer OTA will be available within a few minutes, thus allowing you a chance to test Android Nought.

Best features of Android Nought

The new features as disclosed till date are very appreciative with seamless updates and installation of apps in a better way, one of the features of Android Nought.

N split screen mode and other features

Android N offers a split screen mode along with several additions to Doze Power savings. The features like Notification panel redesign is worth mentioning and several huge number of development and changes are also a part of the changes in the latest version to be launched in the upcoming months with the name ‘Android Nought’.

Slight changes in the multitasking along with some other minor changes are a part of the expectations which is sure to be included in Android N. Newer Emoji (around 70 in number) with Unicode 9 support are one of the features of Android Nought. Google Assistant will be another highlight as included in Android N. The better clear all button will allow users to clear all the running apps in background with just a single tap. Instant Apps, a feature which is much appreciated will allow users and apps developers to come close.

Android Nought will surely bring in sweetness in users mouth with several new features. The waiting time is ready to over with the launch date being very near.