Windows 10: A Platform that Heals the Faults of Version 8

Windows 10, a refurbished combination of Microsoft earlier OS versions windows 8 forward touch screen and Windows 7 known reliability. Non official users of Windows 7 and windows 8 can upgrade their windows for free. We can say it is an updated version to compete in the market with other platforms Android and iOS. Though Windows is not totally dead, it is on the way of efficiency to capture the market. Most of the windows 8 users annoyed sometimes to use it, but this time Microsoft simplified it in windows 10 for a better user experience. Launching of windows 10 will save from windows 8 problems.

Windows10 Start Menu
If you are ready to upgrade your windows on your desktop or laptop, then I bet you will definitely fall in love with its start menu. Comparing it with windows 8, you will find that this is one of the biggest changes apart from its theme. The theme of windows 10 is dark as compared to windows 8 theme. It is a complete package of both windows 7 and windows 8 best aspects. Location of start menu for windows 10 will be same as windows 7 in the very left corner not very typical alike in windows 8. You can even switch to start button to old version. It is a version where you will get everything a smart look like windows 8 with easy to access everything like windows 7. So, it is a complete package to feel good desktop. If you want your desktop should be a soothing one instead of dark one, can change the color accordingly.

To make it a good platform, Microsoft puts all the exceptions in one box to make it user-friendly. Now, users can easily work on all the devices. They do not have to learn how to operate it. Windows 10 fills the gap of all the devices of touch and non-touch. It is easy to use on the devices which are having dual functionality of laptop and tablet.

Windows 10 Action Center or Settings
Settings part this time is quite different from the previous versions. When you will click the action center, you will get notifications for your applications and settings part. In settings part you will get all your system settings. Also, you can change the tablet, laptop mode. So, settings got easier here in windows 10.

Windows 10 Wi-fi Version
It is not a new feature of windows 10, you must have seen this feature in windows 8.1 version. It helps you connect wi-fi spots which are trusted. It is all about security. Wi-fi sense helps to come out of trouble free network connectivity with your friends. It does not share your original password. In this case, you can share your wi-fi connectivity, without compromising security. You can also customize your wi-fi sharing to your friends who are connected to social networking lists or any of your outlook contacts. I am sure you will like this idea.

Windows Hello and Passport
Microsoft puts security first with Windows Hello. It will help devices having windows 10 to turn on the camera to make your body into the password. For this feature, one must have the device support fingerprint scanner. This will help you come out problems like forgetting passwords or changing passwords again and again. Once you have signed in with the help of Windows hello, you can surf number of websites with the help of windows passport.

Microsoft has the nature to give a good platform after a bad one. So, this is not the end. Microsoft smartly covered up the windows 8 faults in windows 10. I think windows 10 features has everything, what we were expecting? It will give you different experience. Must try it!!