Office 16 Vs Google Docs – Which one to choose for your Android Phone

This isn’t a one-side contest for productiveness on Android phones anymore. Having Office for Android devices, Microsoft wishes to put Office anywhere you are, which includes competing Google’s Smartphone OS.
Google Docs is ruling the world at the moment, and Google continuously developing their feature placed in a serious play to achieve market share in business and education. Now that MS Office suite can be found, you risk turning a look toward Microsoft’s glistening new applications, recollecting about your memories. Or maybe your company has an Office 16 subscription; in that case you’re now competent to easily modify your files out and about.

Word Vs Docs
MS Word continues to be a synonym for documents for many years. If you’re a regular Word user, nearly all of it is actually familiar to you. For pleasant or painful the ribbon is — it is certain it brings plenty of familiarity and allows you to find familiar commands.

Using MS Word on Android resembles many Microsoft solutions: feature rich and on the whole more powerful compared to the counterpart, but with plenty of frustrating eccentricities.

For instance, when you open the file for first time, you are shown a synopsis perspective, which resembles a print preview. Though it’s perfect to have a look at what you have created, but quite impractical to begin writing immediately as you must pinch and zoom to the correct spot.

File syncing can also be a bit wonky. Over and over again you will be irritated by a pop-up that you always needed to save an earlier version ahead of the changes were discarded. Nevertheless, you may choose other services like Dropbox or OneDrive, to save your files on cloud, with Docs you’re restricted to Google Drive.

By assessment, Google Docs has a lesser number of features. It doesn’t allow you to add pictures, something which Pages introduced a long time ago.

But the superior part is its design making a minimalist framework to work with. Docs is faster to work on files as it saves the unwanted troubles of fiddling with superfluous specifics. And it’s still way ahead of it rival at collaboration and automatic saving. With MS Word, you still have to hit the save button, something which is pretty outdated in 2015.

However, your selection depends upon your requirements. For those who have a big tablet and want greater features, Word is the way to go. If you have limited editing requirements but simultaneous editing is your primary concern, Google Docs is for you.

Excel Vs Sheets
With a broader view, this should be a tie. Excel gets points for how nicely it combines the ribbon and allows you to access different formulas. They’ve placed them in a separate tab with shaded labels making it easy to flick through.

Google Sheets also allows you to access the formulas by hitting a button placed at the bottom left.
Nevertheless, Google Sheets gets points for how effortlessly multiple users may work on a single file. But Excel allows you to do more, like freezing specific cells or inserting pictures or graphs. While Sheets can get the job done for most needs, Excel is unquestionably for advanced users.

PowerPoint Vs Slides
Office is the clear winner here – as PowerPoint is much more potent than Google Slides. You may create a PowerPoint presentation from scratch, may choose from a range of templates and customize every single slide’s effects.

Google’s Slide is quite different. You may create a simple presentation, add text, but little more. You may add shapes, charts and lines, but it hardly takes you closer to PowerPoint.

The intangibles
While it may seem crazy to editing document from a small phone, big-screen gadgets can handle a great deal of potential. If you wish to keep using your phone, you may want to go with Google Docs. Microsoft only comes with a app for Android which is quite hamstrung.

Office offers more capabilities, but Google provides better collaboration and cloud storage capabilities. In time we can expect the two to come closer: Google is likely to keep powering its features, while Microsoft is likely to make its product more cloud-friendly. Thankfully, you can’t really make a mistake with either platform.