Reviews for Razer Blade Gaming 2016

Razer Blade 2016 feels different on a variety of parameters although deep inside it’s a tangible change of a few of the internal parts and in the tweak the design. There aren’t tremendous leaps in all new design but it still inspires some change. These are inspiringly notable.

Particulars; Most people won’t notice or won’t care about the kind of visible (and tangible) changes Razer has made to the 2016 Blade.

New Typeface: Razer has a clear review of all its peripherals it’s new to the Blade a brand new well thought out lightweight change on the typeface of the keyboard. This is clear perhaps because of the blades earlier leanings to gaming typefaces but this normal and clearly professional look is one of the most amazing year-over-year changes absolute enhancements. This is a clear change for the 2016 Razer Blade evident visual modification.

Lighting Keyboard; one change that is clearly phenomenal in the 2016 Blade appearance is the Razer’s per-key Chroma lighting, aka 16.8-million color RGB. This adds some added color when turned on.


USB-C Ports; Okay, enough about keyboards. This year’s Blade packs a Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port. However, the system still charges through a power brick with a conventional barrel plug.

USB-C Ports; provide a sense of future-proof ports as can be used it for all sorts of peripherals. The Core is Razer’s big USB-C USP. In the meantime, you’ll likely get more use out of the three USB 3.0 Type A ports, headphone jack, and HDMI port also on the Blade.

Cooling; the update on this Razer Blade is a redesigned cooling to keep heat away from the keyboard. Why? In past blade models, the aluminum strip between the keyboard and screen usually gets hot especially in gaming sessions or application.

This makes Razor Blade 2016 eliminate heat from important two sections namely: center of underside as well as two key sections around the center of strip above the keyboard. Though there is some heat generated, it isn’t at similar temperatures of previous models of Blades.

Razer Blade 2016 still gets warm on the keyboard, loud and noisy while gaming due to tiny fans at high speeds.

Dull Edge of Progress; inside, the 2016 Razer Blade has a Core i7-6700HQ, Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M & 16GB RAM. It’s advanced from 4th-generation Haswell (Core i7 -4720HQ) to 6th-generation Skylake, 970M RAM doubled from 3 to a whopping 6GB. The fine specs aren’t that futuristic in terms of breakthrough innovation. Razer Blade 2016 now has PCIe SSD unlike mSATA SSD for faster speed.

NB-Flipsides; on 970M you cannot play high-end games on the Blade’s 4K UHD screen. Display is great for daily browsing with brilliant 3200×1800 IGZO panel having superfluous multi-touch. Though screen glare is significant. Glossy panel is great for color especially in the dark.

Razer Blade 2016; gives failure proof performance on a number of benchmarks considering its small build and framework. Razer Blade 2016 provides both the VRAM on the 970M but can upgrade processor while using fast SSD. This Blade is less costly as its GPU model is old version. Blade 2016 model price starts at $2,000 for 256GB SSD configuration.

Final Verdict; there are definitely several special feature laden laptops costing less in the market, yet with an eye on finer particulars like aesthetic appeal, performance and in ultra portability, there are few laptops like the Blade 2016.  Plus a few more specs like USB-C, PCIe SSD, fabulous lighting typeface and you have winner laptop today. Sure Razer Blade 2016 is a sound laptop option although minus a full future-ready stance presently!

Prerelease Review- Android Nougat Features and all its Parameters

Here’s news for all Android lovers : Google has the new gift for you all in the name of Android Nougat or Android N. This Android N or Android 7 will be a trend changer as there are promises of new features and several changes in the user interface.

As the release date for Android Nought is fast approaching, we can dive into the features of it into our latest section of review on the Android Nougat review.

Release Date

First thing comes first, as most of you are already thinking on ”What is the release date for this latest version of Android?”. The incoming reports suggest that the release date of this most eagerly waiting version of Android is not that too far and will be launched in the next couples of months with the updates to be carried out till Christmas and New Year.

Hands on Experience on Android N

Google has been providing us with the developer version of this latest version of Android to be launched and thus it’s perhaps the best time to get the beta version of Android Nought run on your device. Try your hands on with the new version and an OTA Version will be rolling out for you very soon.

How to get Android N?

You can get the newer version of this Version with Android Beta Program and several Sony Xperia Models, thus allowing the testing of the version of Android Nought and several future versions of Android. All you need is to sign into your Google Account, which will display your eligible devices associated with the account as listed and need to choose the relevant device. Afterwards, an offer OTA will be available within a few minutes, thus allowing you a chance to test Android Nought.

Best features of Android Nought

The new features as disclosed till date are very appreciative with seamless updates and installation of apps in a better way, one of the features of Android Nought.

N split screen mode and other features

Android N offers a split screen mode along with several additions to Doze Power savings. The features like Notification panel redesign is worth mentioning and several huge number of development and changes are also a part of the changes in the latest version to be launched in the upcoming months with the name ‘Android Nought’.

Slight changes in the multitasking along with some other minor changes are a part of the expectations which is sure to be included in Android N. Newer Emoji (around 70 in number) with Unicode 9 support are one of the features of Android Nought. Google Assistant will be another highlight as included in Android N. The better clear all button will allow users to clear all the running apps in background with just a single tap. Instant Apps, a feature which is much appreciated will allow users and apps developers to come close.

Android Nought will surely bring in sweetness in users mouth with several new features. The waiting time is ready to over with the launch date being very near.

Microsoft Surface Book – Amazing Laptop Meeting all Laptop & Tablet Needs

Here’s an amazing laptop, the Microsoft Surface Book which has the great combination of performance of a great laptop, portability and versatility of a tablet. What we have found out that the Microsoft Surface Book has the double the power of a MacBook Pro 6.

Microsoft Surface Book, Reviews and other details

Here, we will go through all the specifications of a Microsoft Surface Book and will review it in detail, in order to provide you as much information as much we can.

Microsoft Surface Book specifications review

Considering the tablet aspect, this piece by Microsoft is integrated with Intel HD Graphics 520 graphics card and is powered by Nvidia GeForce 940M GPU having a dedicated memory of 1GB. Thus, considering the memory, we can safely say that it’s definitely not a gaming material and can handle most of the high configuration games with reduced settings. So, for game lovers, let’s have a deep thought about this Microsoft Surface Book. However, with reduced settings, it can handle many of advanced games.

Here are the main hardware specifications for you, to make a decision on the choice:

  • Processor: 2.4GHz Intel Core i5-6300U with dual-core, 3MB cache, up to 3GHz with Turbo Boost
  • Graphics: i5Intel HD graphics 520, i5/i7 with NVIDIA GeForce GPU with 1GB GDDR5 memory
  • RAM: 8GB of Memory
  • Screen: 13.5 inches Pixel Sens display
  • Resolution: 3000 by 2000 (267 PPI)
  • Aspect ratio: 3:2
  • Touch: 10 point functionality with multi-touch
  • Screen Size: 13.5-inch with 3000 by 2000 (267 ppi) Pixel Sense Display
  • Connectivity: 802.11ac 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Camera: 5MP of front-facing camera with Hello face-authentication (1080p HD) with Windows rear-facing auto-focus camera with 8MP (1080p HD), Weight: 3.34 pounds (1,516 grams) including keyboard
  • Size: 12.3 by 9.14 by 0.51-0.90 (W by D by H)

Microsoft Surface Book Performance and others’ review

Well Crafted, this Microsoft Surface Book has the feature of hinge folds and has the options to be detached to be transformed into a canvas or any clipboard mode. With detachable keyboard, the screen of the Microsoft Surface Book can be easily detached with the push of a button. The sketch pen has 1024 levels of pressure with showing no signs of lag. With the futuristic design and seamless separation to tablet and other features like durability, this laptop excels in the designing concept and offers a unique and mesmerizing metallic feel.

Final Verdict on Microsoft Surface Book

Going by the verdict of the people who are using it and are sharing their thoughts on this laptop, the product is already a hit. The verdict can be easily drawn towards the favor of the Microsoft Surface Book. This laptop has all the capabilities to be an example in front of all other laptop manufacturers as it has given a new dimension and innovation to the laptop generation and its technology.  The final verdict on this Microsoft Surface Book can be justified by the quote “We call Surface Pro as a perfect solution to everyone’s laptop needs; the Surface Book is the one which can quite easily do wonders as your tablet”.

Garmin’s Fenix 3 HR : IOS Based Smart Watch for Passionate Fitness Freaks

The high end smart watch by Garmin ‘Fenix 3 HR’ is a standard watch for all fitness freaks who are really looking for the standard product for use. But to use this product to its fullest capability, you need to be fully fitness freak or enthusiastic, or an athlete.

One must always make a note that to get the best out of this iOS based smart watch, one must be a diehard fan of sports and exercise. The features like Heartbeat rate zones, muscle recovery times and some other features which are a part of this Garmin’s Fenix 3 HR like Running Dynamics features VO2 Max must be a thing for concern for the person who are actually using it.

Pros of Garmin’s Fenix 3 HR

There are several beneficial aspects of Garmin’s Fenix 3 HR which goes in its favor for the device which is priced at around 600 dollars. The Comfortable fitting along with the battery life are one of the features which allows users to have a breathing space. While, the device offers accurate GPS and activity tracking, the clear and wonderful color display option available is one of the highlights for the people who are looking for the performance of this smart watch.

The Garmin’s Fenix 3 HR is an iOS-connected smart watch for fitness fanatics, which is not for simple exercising enthusiastic but for those who really have a passion towards workouts and their physical activities. For the people who are looking for a basic solution to their heartbeat rates and small and minute features, there are several other cheaper and relevant devices available in the market; while this smart watch is for those who are looking for everything to be covered.

Other features of Garmin’s Fenix 3 HR

It’s a big watch with the screen size of around 1.2 inches and having the display of 218 pixels resolution. The device has the storage of 32MB internal for maps, routes, along with 100 hours of activity data. With the Connectivity and sensors options like Bluetooth 4.0 LE,  WiFi, ANT+, GPS, GLONASS, barometer, optical HR and compass, the Garmin’s Fenix 3 HR is a perfect fit for the people who are looking for the complete solution to their exercise needs of all kinds.

However, one important feature of ability of storing and streaming music to Bluetooth headset while on a run is a missing point. The lack of screen touch is just another minus point of this beautifully crafted and designed iOS based smart watch. Another negative point associated with this device is the low visibility and its interface lagging.

Battery Life

The manufacturer of this smart watch ‘Garmin’ claims that the battery life of this iOS base smart watch is around 14 days when it operates just as a smart watch, while on several other tests, while on use for workouts and others, the battery life seems to be a highlight of is with the battery draining in a week’s time, thus providing a huge edge over all its competitors.

Garmin’s Fenix 3 HR is almost a perfect device with all essential features inbuilt for the fitness fanatics and athletes.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow: What are the Latest Updates and Features?

Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), the 8th version of Android OS, first came into light in the month of May 2015 and later was officially released in the Month of October, the same year. The Operating System Marshmallow, which was primarily focused on the improvement of the user experience of the operating system ‘Lollipop ‘came up with several new functionalities and thus presented users a major improvement on Lollipop. The last stable release of the Operating system came in the Month of June, 2016 on 6th and started presenting users with the new feature of ‘Google Tap’.

Currently Supporting Devices
The Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or better be called as Android M, currently works on Nexus 5, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P and Nexus 9.

Details of Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Breaking down the review part into different sections, we can say that the Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) is not a revolution but is in fact a refinement. The visual appearance of the Operating System, the Core features of Android M, Integration of new Google Products along with security and improvement to usability are some of the notable features of Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). There are several noteworthy improvements when we talk about Android 6.0, but here we will cover only the most notable parts and will be dealing on its impact.

Google Now on Tap
One of the important features of Android 6 allows highlighting the aspect of Google Now on Tap, which allows users to perform searches to a new level and within the context of the information as displayed on screen. Now, you can access this feature from anywhere on the Phone; all you need is to hold the ‘Home’ Button for a moment of time (a second) at any moment and Google Now will scan the screen and will come up with the results based on its findings.

Marshmallow came up with the new appearance and design and now the standard cog widget contains an icon displaying the destination of the particular shortcut. The dialer shortcut is being replaced with Google’s voice search in this particular operating system and thus highlighting the fact that the Voice commands are an integral part to Android 6.0.

Among several important changes as included in Android 6.0, the new fingerprint sensor API and a battery-saving feature called Doze, which aims to improve the battery life of your device, is a welcome effort. Regarding Apps Permissions, a noticeable change has been noticed with the Android 6.0 presenting you app permissions only when required, not at installation. Also to mention, updates to apps is now a smooth process and talking on the security and convenience point of view, we can quite comfortably give a thumbs up to Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).

Final Verdict on Marshmallow
Android 6.0 or Android M isn’t a revolutionary one and is primarily focused on a few aspects like ease of use of Google Products and delivering some easy and convenient ways of accessing and managing of apps. Indeed, Android Marshmallow makes some sense over Android Lollipop and shows a good improvement in terms of performance, battery life and several other features in comparison to its predecessor.

Office 16 Vs Google Docs – Which one to choose for your Android Phone

This isn’t a one-side contest for productiveness on Android phones anymore. Having Office for Android devices, Microsoft wishes to put Office anywhere you are, which includes competing Google’s Smartphone OS.
Google Docs is ruling the world at the moment, and Google continuously developing their feature placed in a serious play to achieve market share in business and education. Now that MS Office suite can be found, you risk turning a look toward Microsoft’s glistening new applications, recollecting about your memories. Or maybe your company has an Office 16 subscription; in that case you’re now competent to easily modify your files out and about.

Word Vs Docs
MS Word continues to be a synonym for documents for many years. If you’re a regular Word user, nearly all of it is actually familiar to you. For pleasant or painful the ribbon is — it is certain it brings plenty of familiarity and allows you to find familiar commands.

Using MS Word on Android resembles many Microsoft solutions: feature rich and on the whole more powerful compared to the counterpart, but with plenty of frustrating eccentricities.

For instance, when you open the file for first time, you are shown a synopsis perspective, which resembles a print preview. Though it’s perfect to have a look at what you have created, but quite impractical to begin writing immediately as you must pinch and zoom to the correct spot.

File syncing can also be a bit wonky. Over and over again you will be irritated by a pop-up that you always needed to save an earlier version ahead of the changes were discarded. Nevertheless, you may choose other services like Dropbox or OneDrive, to save your files on cloud, with Docs you’re restricted to Google Drive.

By assessment, Google Docs has a lesser number of features. It doesn’t allow you to add pictures, something which Pages introduced a long time ago.

But the superior part is its design making a minimalist framework to work with. Docs is faster to work on files as it saves the unwanted troubles of fiddling with superfluous specifics. And it’s still way ahead of it rival at collaboration and automatic saving. With MS Word, you still have to hit the save button, something which is pretty outdated in 2015.

However, your selection depends upon your requirements. For those who have a big tablet and want greater features, Word is the way to go. If you have limited editing requirements but simultaneous editing is your primary concern, Google Docs is for you.

Excel Vs Sheets
With a broader view, this should be a tie. Excel gets points for how nicely it combines the ribbon and allows you to access different formulas. They’ve placed them in a separate tab with shaded labels making it easy to flick through.

Google Sheets also allows you to access the formulas by hitting a button placed at the bottom left.
Nevertheless, Google Sheets gets points for how effortlessly multiple users may work on a single file. But Excel allows you to do more, like freezing specific cells or inserting pictures or graphs. While Sheets can get the job done for most needs, Excel is unquestionably for advanced users.

PowerPoint Vs Slides
Office is the clear winner here – as PowerPoint is much more potent than Google Slides. You may create a PowerPoint presentation from scratch, may choose from a range of templates and customize every single slide’s effects.

Google’s Slide is quite different. You may create a simple presentation, add text, but little more. You may add shapes, charts and lines, but it hardly takes you closer to PowerPoint.

The intangibles
While it may seem crazy to editing document from a small phone, big-screen gadgets can handle a great deal of potential. If you wish to keep using your phone, you may want to go with Google Docs. Microsoft only comes with a app for Android which is quite hamstrung.

Office offers more capabilities, but Google provides better collaboration and cloud storage capabilities. In time we can expect the two to come closer: Google is likely to keep powering its features, while Microsoft is likely to make its product more cloud-friendly. Thankfully, you can’t really make a mistake with either platform.

Windows 10: A Platform that Heals the Faults of Version 8

Windows 10, a refurbished combination of Microsoft earlier OS versions windows 8 forward touch screen and Windows 7 known reliability. Non official users of Windows 7 and windows 8 can upgrade their windows for free. We can say it is an updated version to compete in the market with other platforms Android and iOS. Though Windows is not totally dead, it is on the way of efficiency to capture the market. Most of the windows 8 users annoyed sometimes to use it, but this time Microsoft simplified it in windows 10 for a better user experience. Launching of windows 10 will save from windows 8 problems.

Windows10 Start Menu
If you are ready to upgrade your windows on your desktop or laptop, then I bet you will definitely fall in love with its start menu. Comparing it with windows 8, you will find that this is one of the biggest changes apart from its theme. The theme of windows 10 is dark as compared to windows 8 theme. It is a complete package of both windows 7 and windows 8 best aspects. Location of start menu for windows 10 will be same as windows 7 in the very left corner not very typical alike in windows 8. You can even switch to start button to old version. It is a version where you will get everything a smart look like windows 8 with easy to access everything like windows 7. So, it is a complete package to feel good desktop. If you want your desktop should be a soothing one instead of dark one, can change the color accordingly.

To make it a good platform, Microsoft puts all the exceptions in one box to make it user-friendly. Now, users can easily work on all the devices. They do not have to learn how to operate it. Windows 10 fills the gap of all the devices of touch and non-touch. It is easy to use on the devices which are having dual functionality of laptop and tablet.

Windows 10 Action Center or Settings
Settings part this time is quite different from the previous versions. When you will click the action center, you will get notifications for your applications and settings part. In settings part you will get all your system settings. Also, you can change the tablet, laptop mode. So, settings got easier here in windows 10.

Windows 10 Wi-fi Version
It is not a new feature of windows 10, you must have seen this feature in windows 8.1 version. It helps you connect wi-fi spots which are trusted. It is all about security. Wi-fi sense helps to come out of trouble free network connectivity with your friends. It does not share your original password. In this case, you can share your wi-fi connectivity, without compromising security. You can also customize your wi-fi sharing to your friends who are connected to social networking lists or any of your outlook contacts. I am sure you will like this idea.

Windows Hello and Passport
Microsoft puts security first with Windows Hello. It will help devices having windows 10 to turn on the camera to make your body into the password. For this feature, one must have the device support fingerprint scanner. This will help you come out problems like forgetting passwords or changing passwords again and again. Once you have signed in with the help of Windows hello, you can surf number of websites with the help of windows passport.

Microsoft has the nature to give a good platform after a bad one. So, this is not the end. Microsoft smartly covered up the windows 8 faults in windows 10. I think windows 10 features has everything, what we were expecting? It will give you different experience. Must try it!!

Water Proof Google Glasses: Best Product for Techies Featuring Several Tweaking Features

Google Glasses, I am sure you did not forget it. All the Technology lovers, Google Glasses are not dead. Google is adding and updating its features, making it more portable and easier to use. Now you can fold Google glass as normal eye glasses. It is so cragged and durable that you can use it any work environment. So, anyone can explore Google glasses anywhere. Now, they launched water proof glasses to protect them from any water damage unlike earlier one. Google glasses can be used as fashion accessory anybody can use it.

There are so many changes on hardware side also like the size of the glass is a bit large to see the content properly. Processor for Google also updated to an Intel Atom processor. You will get better battery backup better that earlier model. Time is not far when second generation glasses will rock the market.

Check out some important features –

• First and the smart feature of this smart glass is without touching the device, you can share or record a video, take a photograph by just a voice command.

• You can even save your images, videos and important documents in the memory available. You can also email your documents and share your images, videos to social media networking websites.

• Google mail and text messages can be seen as same in your mobile, tablet and other devices and it will show you received mails and also by voice command, you can reply to your mails.

• If you love Googling, then Google voice will ease your work. The only thing you need to do is to say a word and Google will give you results accordingly. For example, you are searching for Eiffel tower, then you will get some images and things appropriate on the glass.

• It is really awesome work done by Google. Maps are incorporated to the glasses. So that, when you are going for journey you can check out locations, approx. reach out timings and many more with a simple voice command.

• Real time Experience: Really? You can share live events, functions, any happening with your family, friends to make them feel like they are here. I think after this, you will not upset leaving any event.

• There is one more feature incorporated with Google glasses i.e Google Now. It is a kind of voice assistance which will save your daily activities and helps you in daily activities like if you are getting late to your office, then will tell you the best way option without traffic. Also, you can get weather information to plan something.

• Last but not least, one more feature to help you out if you love to travel new places very frequently, then Google glass will also help you free from language problem. It will translate and speak for you.

So, Google glass is one of the hottest devices on the way for technology lovers. We can say it is the next version for mobile computing. No one can believe that a small gadget can do all the above activities without touching it. So ready to grab it!!

Check Out some Stunning Features of Newly Launched iPod 6th Generation

After 2 years of launching 5th generation iPod, Apple released 6th generation iPod. So, everybody is tingling to know about 6th Generation iPod. Media gadgets by Apple are always bestselling products in the market all over the world. Though there are so many thoughts coming out from the buyers regarding price, battery and may other features. Doesn’t matter people love or deny Apple, still one of the most demanding and trending Brand we can say. Beautiful colors, look, sleek body, camera and many more people attract people to buy Apple products.

This time Apple launched the best color options in iPod 6th generation to look more smart having Pink, silver, grey, blue and gold. For beautiful picture results, 8 megapixels iSight camera and you can have best selfies. iPod has A8 Chip designed to experience for faster and better performance of graphics in gaming. You can also interact with your friends and loved ones by commenting and linking pictures. Also, you can share the videos on connect. Apple iPod has great 4.7 inches screen with classy performance and software feature. Here are some features-

Display Screen 4.7 Inches
Display screen for iPod is 4-inch retina display, which is larger as compared to 5th generation to make parity with other devices in the market. iPod has resolution 1136*640 with 440 pixels per inches.

iTouch 6G one of the fastest and better enough compared with the market devices. iPod touch has A6 Dual Core Chip same as 5th generation iPod. There are advanced sensors, which measures physical motion with the help of M8 coprocessors.

8 MP Camera for Beautiful Pictures
Now you can beautiful selfies with the help of new iPod 6G including auto focus, Hybrid IR Filter, Flash and many more. iPod 6G is having a front camera with 1.5 megapixels and for high definition videos.

Available Memory
1G RAM will be getting in 6G IPod almost doubled from 5th generation iPod. Models available in 6G iPod is for 128 GB, which is also doubled from the 5th generation iPod models 32 GB, 64GB according to the market demand of more storage.

Battery Power
iPod 6G is launched with a great battery life as it has A8 chip same in iPhone 6 will engage to do more gaming for hours. iPod having good video playback time up to 8 hours and have fast charging capacity about hours.

Connectivity will be same as available in 5th generation with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth version 4. Apple products are leading in the market like anything whether iPhone, iMac, iPod, iPad, Apple watch and many more. Apple has kind of market that every single person wants to have its product. Their personalized technology and its look attract people to buy Apple products.

How to attract customers to your online store?

Marketing of a blogging website is far easier than advertising your e-commerce store or an online business. This is mainly due to lack of interest people show in this matter; why would anybody want to care about what you want to sell or what you desire to buy. No matter how magnificent your products are, you would first have to know what you are before you would want the public to buy your goods. Continue reading