Water Proof Google Glasses: Best Product for Techies Featuring Several Tweaking Features

Google Glasses, I am sure you did not forget it. All the Technology lovers, Google Glasses are not dead. Google is adding and updating its features, making it more portable and easier to use. Now you can fold Google glass as normal eye glasses. It is so cragged and durable that you can use it any work environment. So, anyone can explore Google glasses anywhere. Now, they launched water proof glasses to protect them from any water damage unlike earlier one. Google glasses can be used as fashion accessory anybody can use it.

There are so many changes on hardware side also like the size of the glass is a bit large to see the content properly. Processor for Google also updated to an Intel Atom processor. You will get better battery backup better that earlier model. Time is not far when second generation glasses will rock the market.

Check out some important features –

• First and the smart feature of this smart glass is without touching the device, you can share or record a video, take a photograph by just a voice command.

• You can even save your images, videos and important documents in the memory available. You can also email your documents and share your images, videos to social media networking websites.

• Google mail and text messages can be seen as same in your mobile, tablet and other devices and it will show you received mails and also by voice command, you can reply to your mails.

• If you love Googling, then Google voice will ease your work. The only thing you need to do is to say a word and Google will give you results accordingly. For example, you are searching for Eiffel tower, then you will get some images and things appropriate on the glass.

• It is really awesome work done by Google. Maps are incorporated to the glasses. So that, when you are going for journey you can check out locations, approx. reach out timings and many more with a simple voice command.

• Real time Experience: Really? You can share live events, functions, any happening with your family, friends to make them feel like they are here. I think after this, you will not upset leaving any event.

• There is one more feature incorporated with Google glasses i.e Google Now. It is a kind of voice assistance which will save your daily activities and helps you in daily activities like if you are getting late to your office, then will tell you the best way option without traffic. Also, you can get weather information to plan something.

• Last but not least, one more feature to help you out if you love to travel new places very frequently, then Google glass will also help you free from language problem. It will translate and speak for you.

So, Google glass is one of the hottest devices on the way for technology lovers. We can say it is the next version for mobile computing. No one can believe that a small gadget can do all the above activities without touching it. So ready to grab it!!

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