Garmin VIRB XE: A Spectacular Review

In the cameras market, Garmin has created a wave of actions by its latest action camera with two variant as VIRB X and the VIRB XE. These two cameras are different from the first VIRB.

GoPro reveals that Garmin will take the top slot. Why this credit? It is all because of the sensors, along with the video VIRB XE is offering all the metric right on the screen. Continue reading

Designing Menu Navigation for Low Resolution Mobile Devices

Since mobile phones have become a necessity in order to remain connected with the world, the competition between the mobile companies has also increased. In order to attract maximum population, companies are trying to provide high end phones at a cheaper price. But as the price decreases, companies along with the customer have to compromise on one or the other thing. This might be anything from screen resolution and pixels to sensitivity. Continue reading

VAIO Android handset launched in CES 2015

Most of Sony business is now under the hand of Japan Industrial Partners (JIP), though the company still holds a share of 5%. Their main focus is on quitting the PC business and jumping into the mobile business and restructuring its efforts on HDTV.

It is believed that this smartphone will give a hike to the VAIO business again. Because of its brand name and recognition, VAIO holds a global audience. It gives bright chance for this new device to hold its popularity for long.

This new smartphone has a smart 5-inch display and comes with a smart app that is capable of handling phone and video calls and manage emails all together.

No details on the hardware were revealed before the launch but as it is out now, you don’t have to wait to find out the specs. The most interesting thing is to see whether this new launch will impact the popular Sony’s Xperia series in the region of Japan or not.

It is also assumed that VAIO smartphones will focus to the midrange area rather than what Xperia focusing on high end market. Though VAIO has jumped into the business of smartphones, Sony does not want its Xperia business to get affected.

There are still certain doubts like how much devices will be shipped by JIP or will it reach to the foreign markets.

After all its past failures, it is rather doubtful whether VAIO will turn heads with this release in 2015. Many of the brands came in the market of Smartphones but failed like Amazon, Polaroid.

Google Web Designer: The Review

Google launched its web designing program for Linux, Mac and Windows, called as Google Web Designer in the start of October 2013. It helps in creating interactive HTML5 content and HTML5 ads. It is more advanced and is capable of adding Youtube videos and Google maps. It also automatically includes the events for tracking AdMob and DoubleClick.

Why the need arouse?
Usually every designer prefers coding by hand, when dealing with HTML, CSS and Javascript. There are plenty of web designing tools but all of them lack somewhere or the other. They give awful HTML results and that too do not work with all browsers. The era of professional web design is criticized by many WYSIWYG applications, but it is still active. This forms the main reason of the launch of Google Web Designer.

It comes with an Installer
Google Web Design tool needs to be installed. It is available for Windows 7+ and Mac OS X 10.7.x+. This installer does not occupy much size; it’s just a few hundred Kb.

It has a very attractive dark themed screen. The interface is appealing and clear with little customization needed. However, the panel at right hand side is loaded with many controls, making it quite heavier.

There are many editing options that you can choose while creating a new file. They are:
 HTML with Pages
 Banner
 Expandable
 Javascript
 Interstitial
Continue reading

Google: Next version of Android (M) will come pre-installed in your car

Just imagine the power of Android inside your car, with the invention of Android Auto. However, everything comes with the limitations; first is a compatible vehicle is required, second a device with Lollipop to enjoy latest Android innovation.

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With the emerging technologies, devices will easily be upgraded to Lollipop, resulting in many Android Auto ready cars rolling on the roads. However, the best solution is to have Car with pre-installed Android Auto.

Now the Android Auto will be built into your car’s dash directly.

All the diagnostics and other data, in addition to navigation and media will be trapped in your vehicle with the Android OS. Before this comes in to the market, Google have to convince of the value of Android Auto to the automakers. Also a lot of work needs to be done in terms of stability and performance. Android M need to start this instantly before it could come as car’s main

Automakers also want to make a difference in their product from their competitors. Honda uses Android Auto while Toyota opting Apple’s.